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ContinuousTouch was established in 2009 in Chamblee Ga. Since becoming a company, we have  developed back office processes, accounting practices and created a formula for a variety of customers to provide  Hosted business phone systems  at an affordable price. We have had several technical engineers, accounting people, a marketing department, and several agents who all support our client base and are responsible for generating the highest customer satisfaction with their Hosted business phone system as possible.


Our objective to continually look for better ways for our customers to do business in an ever changing business environment. By making our customers a success it makes Ct Phone Systems a success. Every customer we add to our Hosted business phone systems makes our longevity stronger. Every new product we put out to our customers creates a greater synergy. We strive to bring our customers closer to us rather than pushing them away. That is why we have no contract, stabilized pricing, easy to read bills,  and why we are always striving to making things better and easier for our customers

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Joseph Clark
tech Engineer

Marks Bio

Mark Clark, CEO of CT Phones Systems has been involved with voice over data since 1991 when working with Motorola and Micom Networks voice compression equipment for “International Call Back”, “Toll By-pass” and sight to sight communications using 56k and T1 private lines across town, the country and international.
With a Masters in Information Technology, Mark Clark has worked for two Fortune 500 companies, Cox Communications, where Mark implemented computer technology to track service orders from customer service thru the execution of field operations.
Back in the late 80’s Mark went on to implement an AXI (UNIX) system along with call center technology for a 35 agent call center eventually implementing packet technology starting with Frame Relay, ATM, MPLS and Internet. Within the packet technologies Mark implement digitalized voice technology.
Mark became a sales representative for Motorola, Micom, Bay Networks, Adtran, Ascend, and Cisco. Most of his implementations invoice voice over data and voice over internet technologies deploying the technology for companies like John Deere, AEGON, Flex Steel, AutoCAD, and Pella Windows.
AT&T recruited Mark in the 90’s, Mark was the technical account manager with the Signature Client Group on the John Deere account team supporting all of John Deere’s business units, both domestic and international factory and corporate locations, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China, Russia, Europe and the UK.
Mark rolled out over 1000 T1 frame relay circuits to John Deere Dealers working with AT&Ts “Big Dawg” group to project manage the T1 deployment along with managed services all pointed to an AT&T Hosted Business phone system center in Chicago where over 35 racks of servers provided Internet and back office accounting.
As the technologies evolved, Mark the provided the right enterprise solutions and enterprise VPN technologies to the John Deere Dealer community.
In 2009, Mark decided to take his knowledge of digital voice technology and provide systems to the equipment dealer community and a variety of other industries due to the huge advantages the new VoIP technology over the PBX.
Mark Clark is also an accomplished aircraft pilot being qualified to fly the Cessna 150, Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Beach 180, and the Piper Comanche (Complex Aircraft). Mark holds an Instrument rating and is currently working on both the Commercial and CFII rating for aircraft flight training.
In his spare time, Mark maintains his Black Belt in the Martial Art of Tae Kwon Do.

Jeramie Johnson

Tech Engineer

Josephs bio

Joseph Clark, being exposed to computers right after being born, has a significant amount of technological experience in all aspects of the computing environment. Over 10 years of voice over IP starting with technologies such as Skype and learning the basics of digital voice technologies. With years of experience, on hands exposure and extensive training, Joseph is a premier technology manager in the voice over internet industry.
Along with excellent customer relations and vast technological knowledge, Joseph possesses a keen ability for network remodeling and VoIP engineering.

Mark Clark

Darrell Peplow


Austin Harris
Marketing manager

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